It is an undeniable argument that we need to prepare our students for a workforce that looks very different from the one of today. Our students will need a suite of skills that are transferable and usable across a range of contexts and professions.

The next step for teachers is to adequately prepare our students to be adaptable for an ever-changing workforce. Pedagogical approaches that explicitly teach our students to be critical, creative and resilient learners presents challenges for the teaching profession in an ever-changing educational landscape.

Nonetheless, the teaching profession has a moral obligation to provide learning experiences for our students to be engaged and passionate life-long learners. This can be achieved by providing them with opportunities to co-create learning with the real-world, and to be socially aware, resilient and flexible learners.

The explicit teaching of future ready skills will develop the required entrepreneurial skills for the flexible workplaces of tomorrow and a commitment to be active local and global citizens.