The Making of Adventurous Minds | Jan Owen | TEDxMelbourne


Jan Owen CEO, Foundation for Young Australians FYA discusses in this presentation the burning need to recognise that our young people are in the ‘age of imagination’ , they have immense empathy and equiped with the ‘learned toolset’, the process of innovation, collaboration and teamwork is happening because they are already doing it. She reveals three young entrepreneurs who are already making a difference through their ability to solve complex problems and showing the world that age has no barrier. Jan Owen speaks poignantly about the following:

  • Employers are waiting for these enterprising skills
  • Education needs to be an ‘incubator’ of ideas and experimentation
  • We need to invest and support young people (and get out of the way) to help them ‘shape’ the kind of world that they want to see

She asks all young people: What world do you want to create? – For they are the changemakers.

Reference: The New Basics: Big data reveals the skills that young people need for the new work order

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